Monday, February 08, 2010

A week and some change

Well lets just say my first week was BUSY! :-) But that is life now - and I like it.
Let's see, we got here on Friday towards evening time. And I moved some stuff out of my car (I'm done now, but it rained for several days and I wasn't able to get everything up the stairs

Saturday we went to the market (silly me, you get can get just about everything here) and then it began to rain again so I spent most of the day unpacking what I had and talking on the phone via Skype (yay!).

Sunday I went to church with everyone and was invited to go with another translator to her home in Tlaxiaco. So after lunch we headed to the bus stop (well, it was a van) and began the 3 hour journey while the Padillas (the couple I followed here) made their way to Mitla.

I got to meet Karina's friends and we went to the zócalo (town square) and had some hawaiian style hamburgers (delish) and churros (way better than taco bell) and some fruit water. We walked all over town and made it back to her place around 12. She has a really cute apartment:

the outside, so we were facing the sun

and a little smarter, not staring at the sun
here is the view from her place

I “helped” her with some homework (I’m sure I was more pest than help) and fell into a nice, deep sleep (no dogs! Or party noise, which was suprising because there had been a procession outside her place with singing, fireworks and all sorts of noise – it actually ended before we went to bed so that was great – they can last until the wee hours of the morning).

The next day we went to look for flowers/decorations with her friends (they are getting married) and visited her profesor of theology while she dropped off her homework. He and his wife were very nice – and he has a lot of wisdom to impart.

After a rush back to the apartment and stopping by the store for some tortas “to-go” (oh my goodness they were SOOOO good) we headed back to Oaxaca. I think we got back around 4:30ish and I fell asleep (talking only in Spanish makes me sleepy…that and everything else-hahaha).

Around 7:30 we went to eat dinner with some more translators at their house, and I got to see another friend from my training last year, which was awesome. We played a game called Blockus and my theory was confirmed – I can’t strategize :-)

So the next day we left for Mitla (where I stayed last year) around 11 (it is about an hour away). We unpacked for Inga and Karina (who were staying for a few days at the center) and then went to see all of the new people at CLI. I got to meet some great people and reconnect with others I met last year. Needless to say, we got back to Oaxaca sometime around 8pm.

Wednesday Sue took me to the market again and gave me a tour of the offices here in Oaxaca, and that night we went to a prayer meeting where I was able to meet MORE people (yeah – I’m no good at names…but luckily there is a wall of faces and names at the offices – I will have to study it).

Thursday I was finally able to unpack, as it didn’t rain too much during the day. I then had meetings at the office in the afternoon so I left at 2 (I was walking and didn’t really know the way or how long it would take so I took my time). Yeah – I got lost  But luckily I had grabbed the ID card I had just received and on the back the address of the office was written so I hopped in a mototaxi and got there in a couple of minutes.

After my meetings I went with Rosa (she is one of the daughters of the family I stayed with last year) to the zócalo and she helped me find a place to buy post cards and showed me where the post office was. We then went to her old apartment and had coffee with the owner, and to a store to buy stuff to hang curtains (I got to walk all through downtown with this giant curtain rod – I looked like I had bowstaff skills), and to this evangelical mission downtown. A long bus ride later and I made it back to my apartment here around 9pm.

Friday we went back to Mitla after a quick trip to the offices. I stayed the night with Karina in the house of the family I stayed with last year. We ate pizza and watched movies until about 1 in the morning  My favorite combination. Rosa, Chela, Luci, Edith, Karina and I had fun! Then the next day I got to try all sorts of new foods – which were delicious – but I just don’t know how people can eat so much! We got to go to the market (Saturday is open-market day) and I apparently drew a lot of attention (but I didn’t really notice), but it was cool because we got to see a wedding procession – those are always cool. (I even tried to help in the kitchen later). It was so good to see this family again – they are the most wonderful people!!! We got back to the apartment in Oaxaca (after a taxi and bus) around 8:30pm on Saturday.

Well, Sunday I got sick. I felt the nasea coming on the night before, but I was hoping it would pass. It didn’t. Let’s just say I began the Mexican diet :-)So I missed church and the superbowl party :-( (boo hiss) but Karina directed me to a TV and we watched it in Spanish from the middle of the 2nd quarter on. Then we watched the Invincible (good movie). Of course it was all in Spanish, so now I need to write down my new football vocabulary :-)

So that brings us to today. I feel good, but I'm still not eating anything but toast and bananas - just to be safe. I've learned how to steam my dishes and boil water for drinking and I have finally unpacked everything and put it away (they even gave me a desk to use so I have a place for my computer, printer, and books). Now I just need to wash clothes.

I'm sure that was all TMI...but oh well. My brain isn't working creatively and I must just stick to the facts. Oh - I start classes next Monday (language school). I'm listening to Elvis, wishing I could see New Moon again, and missing everyone at home (though I am very happy to be here). Good times were had by all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey April!

Did you know I am heading to Mexico too? But I am just starting PD, so it will be a few months. I love seeing the pics of Sue and Inga's where I stayed. And Karina! Say hi to her for me sometime, and see if she remembers me. Hope you're having fun!