Tuesday, February 28, 2006

sick day

i stayed home sick today - something i havent done in a while. boy did i need it. work/life has been so stressful lately, and i needed an extra day of sleep, which is pretty much all that i did. God is so good to me. I have a tendency to screw things up, but he always rights them again. when i feel overwhelmed, all i have to do is hand everything over to Him and i know He will make it all better. the problem is that i dont always remember to do this. i need more structure and organization in my life, so i can enjoy life more. i need to spend time in the word and in prayer, this is the foundation of everything. i need to be able to work out, for my health. i need to have time to write, to allow for my own creative expression and to boost my self-image. i need to have time to read, because this is what relaxes me the most and this is how i learn. i also need to have time to grade, so it doesnt pile up on me at the end of the grading period. im going to pray that God will make this all possible. i know He can. but, even in the midst of chaos, i need to learn to fully trust and rely upon Him, without waiting for this perfect schedule/lifestyle to materialize. We tend to grow so conditionally...and i dont want that. i also want to be a better friend. i need to be more compassionate. i would like to be granted more wisdom. i would like the gift of discernment. i need to go back to the heart of worship...to be genuine, not fake...no pretenses...i think its time i took some initiative

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nic said...

i totally agree, but about myself. ive noticed how quickly my state of mind changes and my moods based on how much perspective i have, and so i, too, have returned to writing and reading more and playing more piano, because these are the things that remind me of home,and keep my perspective of jesus. especially writing, it helps me focus a lot better. even just if i read a chapter a day of biblia or any other book. it helps me remember my purpose and mostly, how things arent about me, but how i do need to find a way to make it through the day.

see ya tomorrow,